Amsterdam acrylic paint set 72 Colors 20 ml || الوان اكريلك امستردام الهولندية 72 لون 20 مل

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The Talens AMSTERDAM acrylic paint set "All in" consists of 70 colors from the standard series & 2 tubes of titanium white with a capacity of 20 ml each . The opacity of the colors in this set goes from transparent to opaque . 
This set combines the variety and quality of the colors! Let yourself be convinced by the wonderful selection of brilliant colors and realize your creative ideas and work. The colors can be mixed with each other and are ideal for masterful projects. Due to the use of pure and stable pigments , the color is very lightfastand your unique works of art retain their original colors even after many years. The acrylic paint has little odor and can be thinned with water . Applied thinly, the layer dries in half an hour.
Experiment with these great colors and create unique works of art with wonderful color brilliance ! Work with a wide variety of colors and a quality that is convincing. You will achieve excellent results on various materials such as wood, clay, metal, stretcher frames, ceramics, paper and many other surfaces . You can also paint walls with this color. A fabulous gift idea for artists and hobby painters. 
Color / adhesive properties: lightfastColor / adhesive properties: Can be diluted with waterColor / adhesive properties: Can be mixed with one another

Set content: 
70 colors of the standard series plus 2 tubes of titanium white with a capacity of 20 ml each

Contents: 20 ml
Number of parts: 72
Made In Netherlands

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