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Bic Brite Liner Highlighter

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نضمن لكم جوده المنتج

Quantity: 4 per pack (yellow, blue, green, pink)

The 4 BIC Highlighter Grip pens in this pack have a ribbed rubber grip for extra comfort and flawlessly even-handed writing. It features a modular chiselled nib that can highlight with thick bold lines or underline with thinner control.

Available in 4 vibrant colours (yellow, blue, green and pink) for making words stand out with stunning high-impact solid lines
The BIC Highlighter Grip fluorescent pen is made with cutting-edge anti-drying technology so it can stay capless for up to 8 hours.


Chisel tip gives a line width of between 1.6mm for underlining and 

3.4mm for highlighting full words.