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  • keep smiling artist brush set
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Keep Smiling Artist Brush || طقم فرش 5 حبة

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نضمن لكم جوده المنتج
  • الفرش مصنوعه من النايلون العالي الجوده
  • الفرش لا تتساطق على الرسمه
  • ملمس الفرش ناعم و سلس اثناء الرسم و التلوين
  • عصاه الفرشه مصنوعه من خشب عالي الجوده 
  • الفلاش مناسبه للستعمال في اي نوع الوان سواء كان اكريليك او زيتي او قواش او مائي
  • مناسب للمبتدئين و المحترفين 
  • سهل الاسنخدام و الغسل
  • سفضل غسل الفرش بالماء او التربنتين


  • ★ Made of high-quality materials: The wooden brush set is made of high-quality nylon hair. The brush will not shed or paint. It is soft and flexible. Rust-free aluminum ferrule + durable wooden handle, special splicing joint technology can firmly secure the pen tip, and effectively prevent the pen tip from falling off the pen tip.
  • ★ Widely used: Brush set is suitable for watercolor, oil painting, acrylic painting, human body, nails, face brushes, miniature, models, ceramics, arts and crafts painting, etc. Suitable for beginners, professional painters, painters of any level or type. The perfect gift for you.
  • ★ Versatility-This wonderful paint brush is perfect for beginners to professionals or artists of any level of painting type. Whether you are looking for hobby paintbrushes, children's paintbrushes or professional paintbrushes, this artist brush set will appeal to you.
  • ★ Easy to clean: Please clean the brush after use, run the brush under warm water, wash the paint, and then gently reshape with your fingers. Do not use a hair dryer to dry, avoid pulling and cutting the brush. Makes the brush shape ideal