Maped color & play - mix & match puzzle || لعبة تلوين مابد كريتف اشكال بازل

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  • لون، اصنع وأخصصه بمزيجك الخاص وملاءمته مع الأحجية
  • تتضمن قطع أحجية من أجل التلوين والتزيين، 12 قلم من اللباد الغابة وحقيبة لتخزين قطع الألغاز الخاصة بك.
  • ابتكر أحجية مختلطة ومطابقة يمكنك الاحتفاظ بها واللعب بها مع أصدقائك.
  • تصميم مرح، يتضمن 5 ألغاز لتخصيصها لك.
  •  Maped has used its expertise in designing and producing quality school stationery and fun colouring products to create Maped Creative, a collection of fun craft activities and toys for children. Colour, create and customise your own mix and match puzzle. Includes 5 puzzle designs with pieces to colour and decorate and 12 Jungle felt tip pens with vibrant washable ink and blocked medium tips. Maped is a family owned company and has grown to become a world leader in the design and manufacture of school and office supplies. The iconic British stationery brands Helix and Oxford are now part of the Maped family, and their traditional education ranges are complemented by Maped’s range of design-led and innovative products. With a variety of stylish and functional products for adults and kids alike at home or school, Maped continues to reinvent ways to let you express yourself freely! For over 60 years. Maped has been creating innovative, high-quality products and renewing the often-traditional school and office accessories markets with an assortment of ergonomic and eye-catching products tailored to the needs of the consumer. Maped is an expert in providing attractive and functional school, artist, and office products to over 125 countries all over the world!

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