Sharpie Pen Special Edition Lion Box 26 Permanent Markers || الوان شاربي ماركر 26 لون

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SHARPIE 26 Marker Pen Set Special Edition Adult colouring markers Lion Box NEW

26 Markers

Unleash eye-popping colour with this special edition set of Sharpie Permanent Markers plus bonus artist-designed adult coloring pages.
The marker set features a custom selection of core and colours, so you'll never have to hunt for the right shade.
Sharpie markers have ink that leaves a permanent mark on most surfaces and have a quick-drying, waterproof formula that resists fading and with both 20 fine point permanent markers and 6 ultra-fine point permanent markers, it's easy to draw lifelike details.
Boldly customise with colour using Sharpie Permanent Markers.

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