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  • الوان فسفورية ستابيلو ميني ٣ الوان
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Stabilo Mini Highlighters 3 Colors || اقلام فسفورية ستابيلو ٣ الوان ميني مقاوم للجفاف

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ust like its big brother the STABILO BOSS ORIGINAL the BOSS MINI has two line widths of 2 mm and 5 mm. The STABILO BOSS MINI Sweet Friends is available in 5 bright, fluorescent colours. Proven BOSS ORIGINAL quality but now in a cute design and in a handy compact size. Perfect for kids and anyone who loves fun designs. Concentrated and comfortable studying is as easy as child's play as you can leave the pens without their cap on for up to 4 hours: no problem, thanks to the handy anti-dry-out technology. These small companions are also superb for adding brilliant highlights to creative work such as hand lettering and bullet journals.

  • Enjoy playful highlighting and underlining with these sugar-sweet companions in the STABILO BOSS MINI Sweet Friends Edition.
  • Keep an eye on the important things with your 5 Sweet Friends, who are also real eye-catchers to top it off.
  • Benefit from the popular STABILO BOSS quality in a practical mini format, now with fun candy designs
  • Small, but powerful: The Minis are easy to store anywhere and ready to use instantly whenever it’s time to mark texts
  • Decide for yourself how long you want to study and focus with concentration and creativity: Don’t worry when leaving the cap off the highlighter for up to 4 hours while working, thanks to anti-dry-out technology
  • Sweet Friends fit comfortably in small hands and always produce brilliant results on paper
  • Cute design with 5 bright, fluorescent colors in pink, yellow, green, orange and blue puts children in a learning mood in no time at all
  • The sweet all-rounder: A mini highlighter with a wedge tip in 2 line widths, in 2 and 5 mm - perfect for underlining and marking
  • Also the perfect companion for all your creative projects: whether shading selectively, framing perfectly or creating beautiful designs - all is possible!
  • Highlight with water-based ink "