How to Make Your Children Successful in the Future with Creativity

Why do you want your children to be more creative?


Research shows that as kids grow up from 5 to 10 years old lose 70 percent old their creativity and will be projected to lose up to 88% of their creativity when they reach 15 years old. The future will depend more on being creative rather than being systematic with your work. Some carriers will require systematic thinking but those carriers can be easily replaced by technology or maybe even outsourced overseas. That’s why you need to cultivate the creative genius in your children to be on track for greater future carriers.

How to Cultivate your children’s creative genius?



               Creativity can be cultivated by using simple tools and techniques. The key is not only the tools but the discipline to block one hour of the child time for every day in order to get creative and unleash his inner genius through whatever method the child prefers. We can call it the happy creative hour for children because it is not supposed to be boot camp and hard work, it should be used to let the creativity FLOW through you.

               Speaking of flow, it is a term coined by the leader of positive phycology by the name Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. In his book FLOW, he describes the flow state as the state in which time is irrelevant and the activity is being performed smoothly and effortlessly no matter how difficult the chosen activity is. This state is achieved in an environment that is distraction free in order to achieve laser sharp focus. This may seem like some advanced concept that kids cannot follow but you will be surprised by how your kids will be willing to engage in activity that sparks their creativity by hours on end in a distraction free environment with all their tools being present in their own creative area. Also by training children to be disciplined in their creative activities, they will become better at eliminating distractions and become more focused than their peers which will pay huge dividends in their future carriers. By allocating a certain area for their creative activity that is optimized to reduce distraction they will associate that area with them going into the flow state which is more powerful than an area that is not optimized for creative endeavors. Full immersion in a creative activity will make your children happier, smarter, more focused and disciplined.

               Becoming happier by entering into a flow state is not a one-time activity, it is a daily ritual that you get to use so your children’s creative happy hour will trickle up to the whole day and make your child happier through the rest of the day when the



What does your children need in order to become happier through creativity?

The creative Happy hour can be as simple as coloring on a blank sheet of paper (the bigger the better) we personally suggest using A3 or A2 paper because these sizes are bigger than the regular A4 paper which has the following dimensions 210* 297 mm (A3 is double the A4 size. A2 is double the A4 size). These sizes are available in notebook form which are easy to use and will save you a lot of headache that comes from cleaning after your child drawing on the wall. That’s why it’s a good idea to train your children to draw on their notebooks.



Of course you need something to color with, the options here are vast since you can chose from a myriad of creative tools such as the following :

Colored pencils

Colored felt tip markers

Watercolors with brushes

Acrylic Colors

Gouache colors

Soft pastels


These creative tools can be used in a myriad of techniques such as the following:







Parallel stryping




Mixing or blending colors to create new colors

Sponge dabbing


Finger painting to create shapes


In the happy creative hour, there are no rules, your children can choose a technique, mix between techniques or even use no technique at all ! it all goes back to them and whatever makes them happy

Thank your for taking the time to read and we wish your creative happy hour be all the 24 hours in the day


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