Introducing The Newest Edition of Texas Instruments Calculator TI-84 Plus CE-T in Kuwait !

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The new calculator model includes all functionalities of the familiar previous model TI-84 Plus with a new crisp color screen.

Discover the features of the new model below:

  • Reliable rechargeable battery so it doesn’t die on you while you are deeply focused on your math work
  • High resolution full color screen so you can clearly distinguish between data sets and their representative graphs so it becomes faster for you to solve problems at hand
  • Hastle free rechargeable battery that can be easily recharged using USD cable, wall charger or TI charging station CE-T without taking out the batteries from the device itself
  • You can depend that the battery will live with you for a full month until you recharge it again which takes 2 hours TOPS
  • Able to solve integrals and derivatives from symbol forms into numeric values so you can double check your work and get higher results in test scores – now who wouldn’t want that !
  • SAT , Ap , IB and ACT college entrance exam approved
  • Contains Sin , Cos , Tan and their inverses so you would be able to solve trigonometry questions without using a separate scientific calculator so you don’t have to switch between calculators and waste your time in an exam and more importantly distract your focus when trying to solve a math problem in an exam


Students in American Schools in Kuwait use Texas Instruments Calculators and is recommended by teachers in schools like:

  • American School in Kuwait ( ASK )
  • Rawd Al Saleheen School (RAS)
  • Bayan Bilingual School ( BBS )
  • And other schools who follow the American teaching system

We Hope you have a lot of Success in your School Work

PS: At we provide a whole collection of different models of Texas intruments calculators you can SHOP Texas Instruments Calulators by clicking this link.

PSS: we can deliver your calculator to your house in 24 hours from your time of delivery so hurry up and get yours now while supplies last

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