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Staedtler triplus fineliner Triangular 60 colors || الوان ستدلر المثلثه سن رفيع فاين لينير 60 لون

Staedtler triplus fineliner Triangular 60 colors || الوان ستدلر المثلثه سن رفيع فاين لينير 60 لون

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  • Staedtler triplus fineliner, Triangular Pens 0.3mm, Reusable Clear Box for Home & Travel, 60 Assorted Colors


  • This huge variety pack is the perfect pen set for anything from doodling to technical markup to sketching, fineliner pens lay down precise lines in vivid color
  • Water-based ink washes easily out of most fabrics. So let yourself go wild with creative coloring!
  • Staedtler's felt tip pens use dry safe ink. Even if the cap's been left off for days, you can just pick it back up and carry on
  • Got a journal? These fine tip markers are wonderful journal pens. Or take clean, color-coded notes
  • Benefit from the best! These colorful pens feature a metal tip for long-term durability, and the lightfast ink won't fade, for long-lasting results

Product description

Smooth and effortless. Clean and precise. AND washable! Who would think that a set of marker pens could be so much fun? Staedtler's success story began over 180 years ago manufacturing pencils, which gave us quite the head start on innovation and customer insights. To this day, first-class materials and manufacturing processes outstanding and consistent product quality. Staedtler's line of Triplus pens come in a range of widths and colors for hours of creativity, or long, hard use in the office. The unique triangular barrel enhances grip, reducing fatigue and nestling comfortably between your fingers. When the pros need durability and precision, they turn to Staedtler. Whether it's scientific or creative endeavors, in the home, office or classroom, Staedtler helps bring ideas to life.

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